Child of Job

“Hello, Reality?”


“You sucked again today.”


“I mean it. You like really, REALLY dropped the ball.”


“Children with bone cancer? I mean, c'mon, seriously?”

“Will you please get off my back?”

“Oh, it speaks, how novel.”

“What's novel is you listening to what I'm saying for a change instead of trying to drown me out with your attempts at Purpose.”

“You got a problem with Purpose?”

“The problem is that you assuming Life MUST have a purpose, both Life in general and yours in particular, and it ignores the very real possibility that they are meaningless, both Life in general and you in particular.”

“But humans have the ability to-”

“What is a human? A creature, saddled with forethought and bound to a rock to be slowly devoured by time.”

“But the world is a-”

“The world is trying to kill you. It's a sea of chaos, a violent storm of mental, relational and physical turmoil and man, poor, poor man, cast adrift and cursed with the knowledge of his fate.”

“Can I do anything about that?”


“But surly-”


“...What about God?”

“I'm the only god there is, the accumulation of all matter, space and time. Death, Suffering Pain, Happiness, Joy, all different words used by different people describing the same thing: simply what is.”

“Can I appease you? Gain your favor?”

“There is no favor. Rain falls where it falls. So desperate were you for order and structure that someone convinced you that you owed God. That your existence was offensive to Existence itself and that you could make it right if you only tried harder, worked more, prayed louder, voted a particular way or hated the right group of people. So much time, wasted."

“...Is there a Hell?”

“Yes, the eternal pits of human civilization where kindness and justice never reach. It's everywhere.”


“No. No, I'm afraid not. Like Moses, no one enters the Promised Land. Heaven is Gatsby's green light, the hope of peace, a star to guide you toward the ever receding 'One Day'.”

“What must I do?”

“Ignore trivialities. Live well and broadly. You will never have another chance at this. There's no coming back. The future is hungry and you are its food.”




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